Continuity of Operations

There are several critical elements which support Continuity of Operations, including a Continuity Plan and After Action Reviews (AARs).

Continuity Plan

The objective of a Continuity Plan is to have a structured, documented, communicated, and trained process to ensure an organization can perform its essential functions and provide critical services no matter the business challenge, threat or hazard faced.

Our Continuity Planners have the experience to lead all aspects of your Continuity Plan development, including Performing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Performing a Business Process Analysis (BPA).

A) Performing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA):

A BIA will allow your organization to identify essential functions and the consequences of failing to perform these essential functions.

B) Performing a Business Process Analysis (BPA):

A BPA is a method of examining, identifying, and mapping the functional processes, workflows, activities, personnel expertise, systems, data and facilities inherent to the execution of all essential functions.

After Action Review

An After Action Review provides a structured way for Organizations and teams to assess their performance and improve their Operational Continuity Processes. In short, it is an opportunity to assess what happened and why. Actions can occur through a facilitated simulation or through an actual event.

Consistent with the Lean Six Sigma methodology, a Continuity Plan should be a continuously improved through AARs. Our Team of experienced facilitators can lead your organizations through the development of an Operational Continuity Plan and After Action Reviews.

The ISI Team is Certified and follows International best practices, including:

  • FEMA – Continuity of Operations

  • FEMA – Homeland Security and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)


  • ISO 22301

The ISI team can improve any process!

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